PioSOLVER 2.0 March 16, 2021 11:36

We are happy to announce PioSOLVER 2.0!

This is our first major version upgrade and it's a big one. There are many new features and improvements.
Some of them are:

  • Big performance improvements, the solver is 2x faster on average and even up to 5x faster on some trees using new algorithm (especially simple trees)
  • GTO trainer
  • Job queue (much more convenient way to schedule tasks)
  • Redesigned and much easier to use node-locking interface
  • New tree-browsing features like Strategy+React, Hotness for one combo, Strategy Distribution Map
  • A lot of improvements for configuring the behavior of the solver and displayed information

You can get more details about the release watching our release video:

 PioSOLVER 2.0 is an optional paid upgrade. The way it works:

  • If you decide not to upgrade your 1.10 license will continue to work indefinitely.
  • The upgrade is free for licenses issued on January 15th or later.
  • The upgrade costs 50% of the price for licenses issued on July 1st 2020 or later.
  • The upgrade costs 70% of the price for licenses issued before July 1st 2020.
  • Discounted upgrade can be claimed till December 31th 2021.
  • The cost of 2.0 version for new customers is the same as the old one
  • To find out which upgrade your license is eligible for please visit: and insert your license key.

As this is a big release with many new features and changes it's expected some bugs and problems are going to surface even though this version has been tested  thoroughly. To mitigate potential problems your 1.10 license will continue to work for some time along with 2.0 after the upgrade for a month or two.

We welcome all the feedback and feature suggestions. There are many ideas to improve the software. We prefer to get some feedback from our users first to help us focus on the most important parts.

Bugfix release - 1.10.19 August 30, 2018 10:57

We are releasing 1.10.19 version. This is a minor bugfix release. Things which are fixed:

  1. Accuracy settings for ICM are now calculated based on % of the pot. This is useful if you are unsure what to input in accuracy settings when solving ICM trees. Just use the same 0.35% (or whatever other number) as in normal trees.
  2. It's now possible to copy-paste ICM structure.
  3. Error checking for incorrect numbers input in various fields. For example using a comma instead of a dot as decimal separator is now marked as error hopefully fixing many confusing problems.
  4. In node-locking view it's now possible to see a strategy scaled by weights of hands (same as "squares proportional to weight" checkbox in the main view) giving a good idea of what actual range is.
  5. More measures to prevent Windows from entering sleep mode when solving/saving trees during script execution.
  6. Default font settings are fixed. The problem was that after recent Windows update the default font randomly switched to less readable one. It is now fixed.

 We are also improving our installer/updater to make downloads speeds faster and more reliable. Customers in China should be able to use the new installer as well (the old one was often blocked). You can get it here:


Moving to Discord and version 1.10.18 May 15, 2018 22:22

Our Skype group was very popular over the years. Unfortunately Skype's limitations made it difficult to maintain. This is why we are moving to Discord. Main Discord's advantages over Skype are:

  1. Discord has no user limit (Skype was limited to 600 people which proved to be too little, we were forced to remove users regularly to keep it alive).
  2. Channels: it's easier to move thematic discussion (marketplace, hardware) to separate places.
  3. Better security/privacy.
  4. Way better interface.
  5. Better moderation/spam control.

PioSOLVER Discord is still quite new. To join please use the link:

We are also releasing version 1.10.18. This is mainly a bugfix release, main changes are:

  1. An option to show strategy in node locking using the visual options line in the main view (normalize strategy, show squares proportional to range). This was an oversight, now it's possible to see weighted strategies again in node-locking.
  2. A problem when create subtree config would fail on the river if "remove lines" were present is fixed.
  3. Improve script generation to ignore trailing spaces in paths.
  4. Minor fixes in aggregation reports.

As usual to get the newest version run the updater in your Pio folder. If you need a download link, it's here:


PioSOLVER 1.10.15 March 12, 2018 12:25

PioSOLVER 1.10.15 is now available. This is another bugfix release. Most people won't see any functional change. Some of the things that were fixed:

  1. Subtree configuration for some edge cases
  2. Aggregation reports are now a bit faster and have more error checks
  3. Checks for new version (About in the top menu)
  4. More checks for errors in tree config
  5. Convergence issues on some trees (mainly the ones with small initial ranges)
  6. A bug in eliminate path feature is fixed.

Run the updater to get the 1.10.15 version. If you don't have it in your installation folder you can find it here: (top of the page)

Have fun!