Announcing PioSOLVER March 1, 2015 22:01

We are proud to announce PioSOLVER - very fast equilibrium solver for Holdem. PioSOLVER was a private project for more than a year now. Today it's ready for public release.

Recently Alberta University team announced the solution of heads-up limit Holdem. That project needed 4096 cores and hundred of terabytes of memory. PioSOLVER brings GTO solutions to standard home desktops. Our target is very good approximation of NLHE.

PioSOLVER solves postflop games with arbitrary ranges, no card abstraction and one bet size at any point. Today we are introducing completely free of charge version which solves turns and rivers.

Here is a quick look at PioSOLVER at work.

You can read more about the project on our introduction pagetechnical details page and go to through quick start guide or you can just download the zipped files on PioSOLVER-free product page.

We also started support thread on twoplustwo forum. Feel free to ask any question there or write directly to us:

PioSOLVER free is a very fun (and fast!) toy perfect for illustrating game theory concepts and for starting your journey to understand no-limit Holdem at new, deeper level. The real change in poker world will come with PioSOLVER pro though which solves games from the flop. It's going to be announced in few days. Stay tuned!