Feedback after the release March 9, 2015 23:30

The response we got after releasing PioSOLVER is nothing short of amazing. We've never anticipated this kind of traffic. Things are a bit overwhelming right now so I thank you all for your patience. Here is the state of affairs:

  • There is now FAQ which will be regularly updated. Try it, maybe your question is already answered.
  • The most frequent feature request we got is making tree-building function more robust. We are getting there and it will be possible to insert any possible sizes for bets/raises. It's not that an easy task to implement because we want the simplicity to still be there but also to give the possibility to manually tinker with chosen branches
  • The most common complaint we got is lack of clarity in range views (Hero range and Villain range button). What they show now is fraction of initial combos in the range. So on AJ4 board 0.5 means 3 combos of KK but only 1.5 combos of JJ (because there were 3 to start with). It would be very useful to show just number of combinations.
  • Strategy view causes confusion as well as it's hard to see how often given hand is included in given branch. This may wait for a while but we already have some ideas how to make it clearer.
  • The 2p2 support thread just started getting some traction so if you don't mind having your question answered publicly consider posting there. It makes my life easier as I end up repeating myself a lot in emails and Skype conversations.

Make sure to check this blog regularly for updates and news!