PioViewer update March 16, 2015 00:11

We are happy to announce the first PioViewer update. This is a small release which fixes common annoyances and adds some frequently requested features. You can find a new version in your download folder. Just copy it to the same folder the previous one was in and you are good to go (you can keep both for a while). PioViewer free is updated as well.

Summary of the changes:

  1. It's now possible to see strategy+ev+range or strategy+range in the same view. The "squares proportional to weight" checkbox does that and works for all available views (EV, Strategy, Range etc.). CLICK
  2. You can now choose if the range is shown as weights or combos (CLICK)
  3. The default name for in-position player is now IP and the default name for out-of-position player is now OOP; those can be changed to any other name.
  4. There is now additional information about quality of the solution: exploitability in % of the pot; that gives better idea of how good the solution is. (CLICK)
  5. By default the viewer hides the dead combinations (so say KK on Kxx board still takes the whole square even though it's only 3 combinations). You can now change this behavior.
  6. Right clicking 13x13 grid now allows you to export results in human readable format. That is possible for strategies, evs, evs for particular actions, weights etc. (CLICK)
  7. Raise+ is now changed to "raise to" by common request. Bet 100, Raise 300 means that the second player puts 300 (raising by 200 more) on the table. This was much preferred format among our customers.
  8. We now accept ranges in CREV/Flopzilla format. Just paste them to the range selector and it will work.
  9. PioViewer now accepts saves as command line arguments. That means you can drag and drop the save into the PioViewer.exe and it will open loading that save.
  10. There is now "reset to default" for all configuration changes so it's safer to experiment with settings and color display.
  11. "Build tree" now warns you if there is other tree already built. It was common occurrence for our users to click it and lose their calculated results.
  12. The EV display configuration is now more flexible. More variables were introduced.