A small bugfix release and first video about PioSOLVER March 24, 2015 23:16

One of our users made a video introducing PioSOLVER and its basic functionality. I think it's a very nice resource and probably easier to follow than our quick start guide. Check it out here:


Thank you ibavly for putting this together. To all the rest: check it out! I hope we can have more material up in coming weeks.

There is also a small bugfix release of the PioViewer. It's already in your download folder and you can just copy it to your PioSOLVER folder (as usual). The small changes are:

  • The saves from tree configuration were not working in the newest update - it is fixed now.
  • The new copy-paste feature for EV didn't scale the EV the way the viewer does (so fold could have negative EV if it came after investing something in the pot before). It is fixed now and the numbers reported by the Viewer and the one possible to copy paste are the same.
  • Display of colors and the way the gradient is constructed is now improved thanks to our user Karganeth's suggestion (on twoplustwo forum).

This is just quick bugfix. We are preparing for big solver/viewer update with a lot of new functionality. That still needs a lot of testing though. Stay tuned!