Arbitrary trees and other improvements April 5, 2015 14:16

Today we are updating both PioSOLVER engine and PioViewer. The biggest change is that you will now be able to build arbitrary trees which includes more bet sizes, improved automatic tree builder and easy format to make subtle adjustments in the scripts. There are many other changes and fixes which will be listed at the end of this post.

Major limitation of the solver up to now was inability to enter more bet sizes. While it still allowed to get many insights into how equilibrium play looks like it made analyzing decisions about bet sizing and seeing how they influence overall EV very problematic. This is no more the case as now PioSOLVER handles anything you throw at it (if it fits in your RAM).

Let's look at some screens:

1)Input for a game with 3 turn bet sizes, 3 river bet sizes (+all-in) and 2 raise sizes at every point:

and how it looks like after solving:

2)input for CAP NL pot with 2 bet sizes everywhere:

and the answer to a question which c-bet size is chosen more often:

Again, you are not limited to choosing one decision point to insert your 2 bet sizes in, you can input trees with several bet sizes at any point, RAM is the limit and PioSOLVER is the most memory efficient and the fastest solver on the market. In many cases (CAP, 3bet pots) trees with 2 bet sizes at every point fit under 8GB of RAM. Under 16GB a lot more things are possible, for example full 100bb single-raised-pot situation with donkbet included and 2 river bet sizes included (on every river) or 25bb HU pot with 2 bet sizes at every point.

For our edge users who often have 32GB of RAM available there are even more attractions: full limit Holdem postflop trees or full 100bb trees with 2 bet sizes everywhere (for example 40% and 70% at any point).

PioSOLVER is getting closer and closer to solving the whole thing.

Below is the non-exhaustive list of improvements included in this release:

  1. Multiple bet sizes on solver's side, new automatic tree building interface in PioViewer, UPI (text interface) improvements so it's possible to insert any tree from scripts.
  2. Smart tree template saves which are not only usable as default, easy to modify configurations but also they work as scripts without any modifications. Now scheduling your overnight batch of trees to solve is even easier than before.
  3. Estimate tree function which allows you to see how much given tree would take in RAM without actually building it.
  4. Automatic detection of poker site clients. Now if you forgot about the solver and start a poker site which doesn't allow the solver to run simultaneously with it the solver will produce in-your-face pop-up with impossible to miss sound warning.
  5. take_a_break option in text interface - many our customers run the solver for hours straight and it's sometimes useful to give CPU/cooling system a break. Now it's possible from scripts.
  6. Minor performance improvements in both speed and algorithm convergence. The solutions converge faster now which is especially visible in turn/river toy games which were often difficult for the solver so far.
  7. A bug which didn't allow for saves being put in directories which contain a space in the path is now fixed.
  8. There is now convenient board selector with card symbols - you don't need to type anymore. Letters were substituted by card symbols in other places in the viewer as well.
  9. Improvements of range selector: there is now zoom view for specific combos, holding left mous button down selects hands in batches and ctrli+click selects/deselects all hands with given ranks (useful for range editing and removing value bets for example) The slider now uses 0.05 steps for weights which makes it more practical for selecting preflop ranges.
  10. Some visual improvements and options: an option to disable gradient of colors, set_threads functionality is now available in the configuration.
  11. For programmers: plug-ins are now possible for the viewer which makes writing custom functionality possible. The details will be announced later.

The schedule for updates is this:

Edge users should have their new solver/viewer version already available. Pro users will get it today/tomorrow. Basic users should get their updates on Tuesday. There will be email notification once downloads are available. The free version will be updated later next week.

Small reminder: there is now quite active Skype group (PioSOLVER) on which our users discuss poker theory, possible improvements for the software and sometimes just gossip about poker world. You are invited to join!