Small saves, range explorer and more May 12, 2015 23:39

We are pleased to announce PioSOLVER update. This is the biggest update so far and it brings many new features. The schedule for the release is as follows:

  1. Edge version users have it already in their Dropbox folder and got email notification from us
  2. Pro version users will get it tomorrow
  3. Basic version users will get it tomorrow or in 2 days
  4. Free version will be updated later this week

Next release cycle will be focused on polishing new features introduced in this one and making plug-in system more friendly for programmers. Some tools based on PioSOLVER are already in development which is very exciting for us. Our goal is to make plug-ins accessible for hobbyist programmers as well.

Below is the list of new things and changes. As the list is long the links to explanation GIFs and pictures are provided as links so it's easier to read:

 1)Small saves

There is now an option to save incomplete trees. You can save the whole thing, flops+turns or flops only. Flop+turn is the recommended option. Those saves are about 50x-150x smaller than full trees (depending on the tree) so they load very fast and the delay when browsing and calculating rivers on the fly is barely noticeable. You don't need to click anything or worry about anything when browsing. Recalculating of missing parts of the tree happens automatically. You can configure desired accuracy for on-the-fly solving as well.

CLICK to see a GIF explaining how to make a small save.

2)Range explorer

Range explorer is a simple equity calculator/hand grouping tool. You can open it with ranges at any point in the tree or you can insert your own. The range vs range equities (or range vs any chose subset) are calculated instantly and exactly.

CLICK to see a GIF

3)Node locking

PioSOLVER now offers strategy setting and node locking functionality. You can stop the solver at any point, set the strategy in given node, lock it and resume solving. You can lock/unlock as many nodes as you please and stop/resume the solver at any time.

CLICK to see a GIF

4)Equity added to the tree browser

In addition to strategy, ev and current range you can now see equity of every combo (against current range of the opponent) at any point in the tree:

CLICK to see a GIF

5)Aggregation reports

There is now an option to see frequencies/evs/equities not only for currently viewed line but also for all similar lines but with different turn/river card. For example you can ask for a report for 2nd barrel and PioViewer will generate a spreadsheet with all 49 turn cards and frequencies of 2nd barrel on them. You can also do that on the river which results in 2352 runouts (49 * 48). You can you then sort the spreadsheet by for example EV or betting frequency to see which cards/runouts are the best for given player.

You can generate such report by choosing: Plugins->Aggregation->Runouts aggregated frequencies analisys

CLICK to download an example of such spreadsheet

6)Plugin infrastructure

It's now possible to write plug-ins for PioViewer. Aggregation reports are implemented as a plug-in and there will be more examples/docs in our public Github repository

7)Caching of the results

The solver now caches the results for EV/MES which makes all the calculations instant (with the exception of 1st one).

8)Tree parameters are now saved along with .cfr files

The parameters are saved in corresponding .txt file. If you load a .cfr file the viewer will automatically restore the settings which were used for creating that tree.

CLICK for a GIF demonstrating this

9)Speed improvements in both the solver and the viewer.

Solver's speed improvements are modest (15%-20% for most machines). PioViewer is way faster and almost everything should refresh instantly while you browse.

10)Storing the solver adjustments in the tree.

PioSOLVER now remembers the adjustments when stopped. The adjustments are also saved with the trees. This way it's possible to stop/resume solving without problems (in the past it sometimes took a lot of time for the solver to adjust back and exploitability could actually increase at the beginning)

11) Specific suit selection in the Range Selector.

It's now possible to select specific combos. Suited hands or offsuit with chosen suits. The interface is dead simple: you choose the suit for higher card and lower card and the selector displays only those combos for you to select from. 

CLICK for a GIF demonstrating specific suit selection.

12) "refresh on change" checkbox

This option makes the viewer update results immediately when browsing the tree. You don't need to click to refresh anymore. As both the solver and the viewer show the results instantly now, the process is very smooth.

CLICK for a GIF demonstrating "refresh on new selection" checkbox.

13)Improved solver logic for EVs in dead branches.

EVs are now reported even for hands with weights 0 (for ones which never reach given branch) as long as strategies for that hands exists. The hands don't disappear anymore and you can benefit from seeing the results for hands even if they never choose specific actions. This is useful to see "what if" scenarios.

14)Improved input in tree building tab.

It's now possible to omit actions in tree building form and the tree is built correctly. Like HERE.

15)hero/villain are now IP/OOP everywhere, including scripts (console usage only, in UI these are still customizable)

16)Normalization in the viewer

For small ranges it's often useful to zoom them without losing information about relative frequencies of hands. This is now possible with a simple checkbox.

CLICK for GIF showing the normalization feature.

17)An option to change display settings to proportional

There are two options. One is for the value displayed as EV and the second one is for how the square is drawn. If "bars width proportional to weight" is chosen specific combos will share space in the square proportionally to how often they are in a current range.

18)Improved behavior of the viewer on actions which takes time:

The window is not blocked anymore (you can move/minimize). Visual cues for when the viewer is working on calculation intensive task are added as well.

19)Line description when opening spots in new window.

Very simple but makes it easier to find your way with many windows open.

20)improved behavior for 125% settings

On some smaller laptops Windows works in 125% font settings by default. That used to cause display problems and made some options invisible. It works better now.

21)Effective stack is now visible in the browser tab

22)An option to choose between change on hover or change on click for the zoom view

Refreshing on hover made some users dizzy. The option is HERE.

23)An option to show local frequencies instead of weights.

It was commonly requested to add an option to show local frequencies. This is now available in Tools->Configuration

24)Ftp/Stars warning is now hard-coded.

As per Poker Stars request using the solver when having Stars/FTP client open will now be impossible. The detection is hard coded and you will have 30 seconds to close the clients before PioSOLVER terminates. The annoying lousy pop-up is still there. You can still configure names of other poker sites if they change their policy.

25)Memory restrictions are now lifted.

We wanted to reduce the use of the solver on big work station. We decided on better way to accomplish that (core limit). You can now use as much RAM as you have even in a basic version. PRO version is limited to 13 threads (so hexa cores will be fine).

26)Suit colors in the zoom view.

This is optional as it's hard to read for some users.

27)Copy to clipboard" in tree building view. 

You can now just copy tree parameters and paste them on forums/Skype. Those are also possible to paste without creating a file in TreeBuilding folder (Tools->paste tree building config from clipboard)

UPI specific changes (not yet in GUI or only relevant for scripts):

-set_mes is now available
-rebuild_all and solve_all_splits restores the full tree from a small saves
-ev/eq functions now return ev/matchups instead of wins/matchups
-node_count now produces nice report with details abot node types/streets
-solving/exploitabitliy calc functions are now available for chosen nodes


-PioViewer sometimes opened outside the visible area. This is now fixed.
-stdoutredi/load_script now accept file names with spaces

 That's quite a long list. Next release cycle will be focused on improving/polishing existing tools and features. PioSOLVER is now one step closer to becoming the ultimate poker tool. We hope you have a lot of fun with all the new features!