PioSOLVER 1.3 June 7, 2015 00:01

Today we are releasing a minor PioSOLVER and PioViewer updates. This is mainly a bugfix release which nevertheless contains some new features.

You will find a new version in your download folder. The schedule is usual:

  • edge version users already have it in their download folder
  • pro version users will get it tomorrow
  • basic version users will get it either tomorrow or in 2 days
  • free version will be updated later next week

Summary of the changes:


  1. Range explorer now calculates pre-flop equity in addition to post-flop one: CLICK
  2. Default for weighted range presentation is now changed from proportional rectangles to "glass filling" view. LIKE THIS.
  3. More parts of the viewer are now resizeable to fit trees with more bet sizes
  4. It's now possible to copy strategy and EV as CSV. This way it's very easy to export those to Excel/Libre Office etc. CLICK to see a GIF.
  5. There is now a script generator which makes running multiple trees very easy. CLICK
  6. There is now an option to execute arbitrary solver command from the viewer. This comes in handy when you want to do something which isn't yet possible from GUI. See HERE.
  7. There is now an option to limit huge over bets when adding all-ins to the tree. This makes them smaller and faster to solve. CLICK.
  8. Poker site detection is improved to comply with likely changes in Poker Stars policy. The solver will automatically close after 30 seconds if you run a blacklisted poker client (as before) and it will not start at all if the client is already running. The viewer displays similar behavior (although closes after 45 seconds)
  9. Selecting specific suits in a range selector is now EASIER.
  10. There is now a button to clear tree parameters
  11. Positions of all opened windows (range selectors, browser windows) are now remembered (which is useful if you frequently open a lot of spots in separate windows)
  12. Build button can be changed into build&go to save mouse clicks and time (as requested by some very busy users). CLICK.

Solver and UPI changes:

  1. Clear_lines is now an alias for free_schematic_tree and the latter is deprecated.
  2. Cut_line command is now available (see .pdf docs).
  3. Calc_ev_line is now available to make aggregation stats easier to compute.
  4. Show_version command is now available

Bugfixes (not exhaustive list):

  1. Set_strategy, lock_node, unlock_node now produce errors (instead of crashes) when done on incomplete tree.
  2. Cache behavior after node locking/setting strategy is now fixed (it caused incorrect EVs being displayed after using node locking feature and withotu recalculating the tree)
  3. Build tree doesn't crash anymore with the solver running.
  4. It's not possible to forget the whole tree (so rivers for river tree, turns for turn tree); an attempt to do so now produces an error.
  5. Rare bug which caused solver to print nonsense with many threads running is now fixed.
  6. Multithreading bug which caused the solver to hang when browsing the tree during solving is now fixed. You can safely browse the tree during solving again.
  7. Minraise/minbet logic is improved in tree-building.
  8. "Add all-in" checkbox now doesn't add all-ins for OOP player in the lines which are disabled for that player.

While this is mainly maintenance release we are working on some bigger things. The preliminary results are very promising so stay tuned!