Performance improvements, new viewer features and a bugfix June 11, 2015 23:34

Today's release is a small one a bit outside of our usual release schedule. It brings some very exciting news though. We are adding some new features to PioViewer to make scripts generation easier as well as making Range Explorer more powerful. We are also making experimental PioSOLVER 1.4 available to our edge customers. This solver brings huge memory and performance improvements. 

The 1.4 version will be available to our pro and basic customers once it's feature complete and the interface is stable. We expect it to be in 5-6 weeks from now.

Without future ado, here is the list of improvements:

Experimental solver 1.4:

1)Big performance improvements. As tested on 3 year old i7 quad (i7-3770) which should represent typical not too new/not too old hardware:

  • For full ranges: 1.2x speed, 1.2x memory
  • For 75% ranges: 1.42x speed, 1.55 memory
  • For 50% ranges: 1.8x speed, 2.2x memory
  • For 25% ranges: 3x speed, 3.9x memory
  • For 15% ranges: 4.5x speed, 5.7x memory
  • For 8% ranges: 7.2x speed, 8.5x memory

This means many real life cases now only need about 2 minutes to solve and some even below 1 minute. For example this one or this one.
The situation still isn't that rosy for huge HU cases but the improvements there are significant as well.
This is especially good news for users with 8GB of RAM as many more trees will be now possible to solve.
All the benchmarks on the website will be updated once 1.4 version is available for everyone.

New features in PioViewer

  • Saving/loading scripts from the viewer in addition to script generation. Running multiple trees never has been easier.
  • Equity realization is now available in Range Explorer. It's also possible to show it by category or arbitrary selected subset of hands. See GIF.
  • Strategy by hand category is now shown. This should be very useful for understanding ranges better. This feature is connected with the one below. See the GIF in the next point.
  • It's now possible see not only a whole range in Range Explorer but also betting/calling/folding ranges specifically. See GIF.

Bug fixes:

  • some glitches in 125% screen mode fixed (useful for small laptops)
  • a minor bug in range parser fixed
  • error check to rebuild_tree is added - it no longer crashes on incomplete trees
  • a bug in set_strategy (introduced in 1.3 but not present in 1.2) is now fixed
  • scripts now stop working after first encountered error

  The release schedule is usual and starts today. You will get email notification once it's ready to download. Stay tuned!