PioSOLVER 1.5 July 27, 2015 00:38

Today PioSOLVER gets an update to 1.5 version. This is mainly a bugfix release with some changes under the cover to make future development easier. Nevertheless there some new nice features and a lot of bug fixes.

Here is a summary of changes:

  1. There are now EQ and EV graphs in Range Explorer. Those are useful to visualize how well various part of the range play. You can also choose sub-ranges or even split hand categories like A-high or top pair.
  2. Number of matchups is now included in the aggregation reports. This was commonly requested feature which makes summing up EVs over many boards/cards easier. To make it easier still we are also adding a summary with a summed up stats to multi-flop aggregation report.
  3. Strategy rounding - after becoming more popular than we thought - now has a convenient form in PioViewer.
  4. It's now possible to insert arbitrary solver command into generated script. This is useful for power users who like to tinker with the tree before saving it.
  5. An option to ignore a check for available RAM is added. On some systems the check isn't very reliable and cause scripts to stop prematurely.
  6. Additional features in Range Selector: +/- buttons, range inverting and convenient text field to chose top % of the range
  7. NodeID is now copy-pastable from the browser tab which makes executing arbitrary commands on selected node easier
  8. Small speed improvements without functionality change. The solver is now about 5% faster.

Bug fixes & changes:

  1. "Don't 3-bet" option now has higher priority than "add all-in" one so if don't 3-bet is selected an all-in won't be added.
  2. Node Locking bug introduced in 1.4 version is now fixed.
  3. Many formatting improvements to make displayed numbers easier to read
  4. Choosing specific suits now refreshes automatically so seeing strategies for say spades or hands with a higher card being a spade is now matter of one click.
  5. Calc_ev_line should now work correctly (a bug in this function - for now only available from text interface was introduced in 1.4.1)
  6. A bug which caused solve_all_splits to sometimes hang with high accuracy settings is now fixed (although it still takes a lot of time if required accuracy is too good).

That's it. We are rolling this update sooner than expected because it fixes commonly reported issues. Every version should be updated till Tuesday with edge users having it already in their folders. All you need to do is to click "check for updates" in the updater.

Have fun!