PioSOLVER 1.6 October 11, 2015 20:01

We are pleased to announce PioSOLVER 1.6. It brings many improvements mainly in the graphical interface layer but also some on the solver side.

There is a short youtube video about new functionality and usual list of new things below.

Non-exhaustive list of changes:

  1. Overall line frequency is now shown when browsing the tree. SEE GIF
  2. Multi flop aggregation reports now include EVs for all preflop hands, preflop orders as well as equity realization.
  3. It's now possible to copy-paste preflop orders to the range selector; 2 more orders are also included in the distribution. SEE GIF
  4. Script generation got new options: generate n random flops, make micro saves, scripts are also generated in a way that re-running them in case of a crash doesn't repeat the calculations for already done trees (see the point number 5) SEE GIF
  5. skip_if_done command is added to the sovler; this makes it possible to generate scripts which don't repeat already calculated trees in case of a crash or unexpected termination of an executing script.
  6. There is now a new tool for creating preflop charts - you can use it to work on your ranges or to create a nice preflop chart to print. SEE GIF
  7. It's now possible to insert cap per street as well as eliminate donk bets on turn/river in limit tree building
  8. When the solver stops it now produces a reason for the stoppage as well.
  9. Range arithmetic - it's now possible to add/subtract as well take a min or max of ranges in the range selector.
  10. The viewer layout is fixed for 125% scaling and should now display correctly on small laptops and very high resolution screens which use Windows scaling option.
  11. It's now possible to copy the whole node info which might be useful when making a reports for given spot. SEE GIF
  12. Force bet now works with multiple sizings.
  13. The scroll now changes weights in a range selector for easier input of weighted ranges. SEE GIF
  14. EV is now weighted by matchups not weights.
  15. It's possible to insert both timeout and desired accuracy in a tree building tab.
  16. It's now possible to select/show all hand with at least one spade/heart/diamond/club. Like THIS

Features implemented on a solver side (some of them not yet available from PioViewer)

  1. Combo locking - it's now possible to lock only specific combos instead of the whole node. For example you can lock a strategy for AA/KK but leave rest of the node unlocked. See "combo_lock_node" command in the solver's documentation.
  2. Solving pure preflop games - the solver is now able to both build and solve pure preflop games (games which assume check-down from the flop). Those for now use very simple tree building interface and solve in less than a second to almost perfect accuracy.
  3. set_accuracy now accepts both chips (default) and fraction of the pot input (see set_accuracy in the solver documentation)
  4. There is now stdoutredi_append command which appends instead of overwriting the output file.

List of interesting fixes (ones which may influence a way you use the solver):

  1.  calc_eq_pp now produces full results similar to calc_ev_pp
  2.  calc_eq_node now produces a correct total
  3. If weighted ev is selected it also applies to strategy+ev view.
  4. Total frequencies (of actions) in aggregation reports are now weighted by matchups
  5. River saves are now fixed.

 The schedule is a bit unusual. Edge version users already get the update shipped. Pro and basic versions will start rolling probably Wednesday morning due to slight technical problem we have.
As usual to get the update it's enough to click "check for updates" in our updater or use your download link directly. Have fun!