Videos! October 27, 2015 21:19


We are happy to say more and more people use PioSOLVER and it's becoming a primary tool for a professional poker player. With more users come more feature requests and more demand for tutorials/learning material. Today we are catching up a bit on this front.

First, make sure to check out our quick start video which goes over major functionality of the solver and should be enough to get you started:


 Today we also added a first video made by Aze Gallo. This is a bit more advanced analysis where the author tries to get a bit deeper into reasons of why optimal play is the way it is. Check it out:


 For people not yet up to speed with new things in 1.6 version, there is a feature overview video:


Node locking functionality attracts a lot of attention but the interface maybe is not the simplest one to get used to. Here is a tutorial with a simple example:


Some frequently asked questions are answered in another video. We're hoping this format is a bit easier to follow than a written FAQ (make sure to check the video description for quick links to questions):


There is also more PioSOLVER related material popping out on the net, often without any input from us. It's always interesting to see how the program is used, we can say a lot of common usage patterns weren't predicted by the authors.
Make sure to check the discussion on Run It Once, specifically videos by Tyler Forrester and Steve Paul.

We are hoping those makes getting started with the program as well as using a bit more advanced features easier. Let us know what you think and what kind of material you would like to see in the future!