Preflop solver updated December 26, 2015 12:41

Today we are releasing an update for preflop solver which fixes the most urgent problems and add some useful functionality. Here is the incomplete list:

  • Faster solving times (should be from 20% to 35% depending how many cores you have).
  • The solver is now optimized for small ranges so small range vs small range (for example UTG vs defined 3bet range) is now much faster/smaller.
  • Error checking and prompts about incorrect preflop trees in the PioViewer
  • Better tree building which includes ability to change raise/bet sizes without the need to remove all the branches.
  • A lot of fixed bugs (pop-ups about calc_ev line not being available, slow tree building, reasons for solver stopping not displayed)

To get the update you need to run the updater or use your download link directly. Preflop solving still requires a lot of time and resources but we hope it becomes more pleasant with those improvements.

The focus in Jan/Feb of 2016 will be on shipping postflop 1.7 version with a lot of new features as well as optimizing the preflop solver.

Happy New Year!