PioSOLVER 1.8 - bugfix release February 23, 2016 20:44

As it happens with new functionality a lot of problems were reported during last few days. Today we are addressing most of them:

  1. Rake wasn't stored correctly in tree configs.
  2. "Can't do that when the solver is running" error is now only appearing when you try to show EV (and not not during normal browsing). Calculating EV while the solver is running is still not allowed as that caused stability problems.
  3. Scaling issues on high DPI screens (125% Windows settings) are now fixed.
  4. The small saves didn't contain all the necessary information which caused the solver to crash if you try to run it on them (now it correctly produces an error instead)
  5. The range was shown incorrectly in some rare cases (some hands in range weren't reported). This bug also caused Range Explorer to sometimes report incorrect sum of the combos. It was purely a display error but nevertheless quite a serious one.
  6. The EV was sometimes calculated incorrectly (it showed 0.000 instead of the real value) on big long running trees; this was caused by new memory optimizations and is now fixed.

There is also a new feature: you can now use ctrl+shift+arrows to change turn cards when browsing rivers. This along with ctrl+arrows to change rivers gives you the full control over the runout without clicking back and forth through the tree. You can use it like in this GIF.

The updated UPI (text interface) documentation is also available, HERE.

After running the updater you should get PioViewer 1.8.2 and PioSolver 1.8.2

Make sure to report any other issues if they appear!