Our first Omaha tool - PLOCalc August 30, 2017 22:40

Today we are happy to release our first Omaha tool: PLOCalc. PLOCalc is an equity calculator and range explorer for PLO. What is novel about it is that it calculates range vs range equity which included equity for every single hand in the range. This works on preflop, flop, turn and river. It's done without any approximations - the results are exact.

PLOCalc offers functionality to analyze ranges and played hands as well.
Here is non-exhaustive list of features:

1) Range vs range equity (with equities for every single combo included) on preflop/flop/turn/river
2) Number of outs to straight, flush, fullhouse as well as nut category outs ("nouts") for every hand in the range
3) Equity graphs
4) Sorting ranges via various criteria (equity, equity percentile, outs, preflop order)
5) Filtering parts of the range using condition based system (based on equity, outs, shape, high card etc.)
6) Using filtered parts of the range in a new tab to calculate how that part of the range does vs opponent's range
7) Robust range selector allowing to choose starting ranges very precisely
8) Saving ranges and filters
9) Range explorer grouping the range into categories (sets/two_pairs/pairs etc.)

In short PLOCalc is the most advanced tool for analyzing Omaha ranges as of today.

We invite you to watch the quick start video for PLOCalc, here:

Some screenshots:
Main View
Equity Graph
Range Selector/Filter
River Range Analysis

This is an early release which means there is no free version and a lot of functionality is going to change as we get more feedback from our users. While this tool was extensively tested by us and our testers (some of which are world class PLO players) it's surely not as polished as our Holdem tool just yet. If you are not willing to deal with those obstacles, it's the best to wait a while before purchasing.

PLOCalc is a fantastic tool for analyzing your PLO game. We anticipate the natural follow-up question though: "What about the solver?". Short answer is: PLO solver is going to happen in the near future although it will require very powerful hardware to run.
The solver and PLOCalc are going to use the same interface for showing and analyzing ranges. PLOCalc might be more useful for some real life scenarios as it allows you to analyze ranges based on reads and assumptions while GTO solutions are going to be very hard to make sense of in the game as complicated as PLO. The future of those tools is going to be influenced by the feedback we got from first batch of our users.

PLOCals's product page is HERE