PioSOLVER 1.10 December 8, 2017 14:07

We are happy to announce PioSOLVER 1.10!
There are some new features with a big one being ICM and many fixes and improvements.  The performance should be more or less the same but due to engine re-write there might be differences on individual trees. The preflop solver is way more precise and there should be improvements in speed on multicore setups for the postflop solver. We are changing our installer/updater to make it simpler to use. To get the newest update please download the installer here:


It should be straightforward to use. Please make sure the path is set correctly so it can find and update your old PioSOLVER distribution (or you can choose a new folder to keep both the new one and the old one).

I talk about new features and some improvement in a video, here:


New features are:

  1. ICM
  2. Node-locking improvements
  3. Reset strategies in the tree
  4. Right click to show range not taking a chosen action
  5. Generate and copy preflop order from a chosen node
  6. Range Explorer improvements
  7. Rounding and multiplying by constant in range selector
  8. Use only one raise size if there was a raise before
  9. Eliminate path
  10. Create subtree configuration from a preflop solution

Non exhaustive list of fixes and improvements:

  1. There is now one compile for preflop/postflop solver, no need to switch between them anymore. It also loads both preflop and postflop saves.
  2. When running a script a target directory for saves is created automatically.
  3. The preflop solver is more precise (although a bit slower per iteration), should converge to 1-2bb/100 for most trees.
  4. Improved error messages when loading/saving trees.
  5. A bug which caused chained scripts to be slower than running directly is fixed
  6. Improved behavior when resolving difficult turns/river in small saves (the solver doesn't get stuck anymore)
  7. Combined evs are now shown correctly on 13x13 view
  8. Less space needed to show numbers on 13x13 grid.
  9. Fix in open save with different board (some file names weren't recognized correctly)
  10. The solver never folds nuts on the river (nor AA preflop); IP always bets nuts on the river as well
  11. Fixes in aggregation reports 
  12. The solver now prevents computer from sleeping when it's running (useful for scripts).
  13. Treebuilding information is now saved in the .cfr file (less files overall, no need for separate config files).
  14. Rebuild_forgotten streets is fixed both postflop and preflop (be careful with memory).
  15. set_mes is fixed.
  16. New version of licensing system, some connection issues should be greatly improved.
  17. Show_all_lines command (lists all lines in a tree)
  18. Node-locking bug fixed (it didn't work correctly on turn/river when isomorphism was on).

We hope you have a lot of fun with the solver and that the new things are useful for your work!