PioSOLVER 1.10.13 February 7, 2018 20:18

Version 1.10.13 is available. This is a bugfix release, many things were fixes, including:

1)Small saves with ICM didn't work correctly (recalculated street didn't contain ICM), sadly old saves didn't contain all the information so they will still produce nonsense. Please notice that solving was correct and the results on the initial streets in the saves are correct as well. Only recalculating streets not in a save (usually turn/river in preflop saves) didn't work correctly

2)Problems some people experienced when saving configs are fixed
3)The updater not working in some location (due to rare locale system settings) is fixed

We're also happy to announce a gift for all our customers: All PioCloud solutions are now free to download, here:


Unfortunately our friend who run PioCloud project can no longer continue due to personal reasons. He decided that the best course of action is to make the solutions available for all instead of just removing them.
Please notice that he will not be able to provide any support on those and they come come as-is, that is without warranty/support/explanation. Please respect that.
We feel they are still very valuable but we can't afford supporting a completely free (from now) product.

Just in case you are still running an older 1.9 version, the new installer, updater is available here: 
https://www.piosolver.com/pages/quick-start-guide (top of the page)