PioSOLVER 1.9.2 September 01, 2016 10:09

We are releasing another small, mainly bugfix release. It's already available - just use your updater. The change-log is very short:

  1. The free version is updated to include most features from commercial version and ability to solve one flop (Qs Jh 2h), you can download it from HERE.
  2. Donk bet and "use only one bet size if there was a raise before" checbox now behave like in the previous versions (that is the bet is not included if there was no donk-bet size)
  3. Preflop subsets are now available for download for anyone. While those are mainly useful for preflop solving (and were only included in the edge version for that reason) they might be useful for running scripts to approximate EVs as well as preflop tree size estimation (which is useful if you are considering buying an edge version but are not sure if your hardware can handle the preflop solver). The subsets are available as zip file, HERE.
  4. Overall results are back to aggregation reports - they disappeared in 1.9 release by accident and are now back.
  5. Shuffling results in image generation - it's not possible to create series of preflop charts in a way that frequencies are more equal in the images. Just play around with it: Preflop Charts -> Tools -> Generate series of images and there is a new checkbox to shuffle.
  6. rebuild_forgotten_streets solver command which allows you to recreate full trees from small saves (in order to use node locking, rounding or just solve the all the rivers again) is now fixed.

Many small problems were fixed as well so it's recommended to update to 1.9.2 even if you don't need any of the new features.

Have fun!