Poker Stars policy, a review and a Skype group March 30, 2015 01:31

Hello all,

This is a quick update about ongoing things:

1)Poker Stars policy

Poker Stars put PioSOLVER on the list of programs you can't run simultaneously with Poker Stars client. This is only understandable as other popular analytic programs like ICMIZER or CoffeeCalc are already on the list. While it's impossible to use PioSOLVER during real time play (the solutions need few minutes to arrive at) the decision is consistent with Poker Stars policy. 

We will be working on automatic warnings so you don't let PioSOLVER running accidentally when starting Poker Stars client. We are already communicating with Poker Stars about the best way to do that.

2)Our user reviewing PioSOLVER

The reviewer goes over some major functionality of PioSOLVER. The reviewer is still a bit skeptical and asserts PioSOLVER is not an ultimate oracle for Holdem yet. While we are working on improving the situation and proving him wrong you are welcome the check out the video :)

3)Skype gruop

Some PioSOLVER users put together a Skype group which is already getting some nice daily traffic. If you are interested in sharing your analysis, asking questions or just chatting about poker theory it's great place to join. Check out PioSOLVER on Skype or drop us an email so we can add you manually.

Things are going very well for us this first month and we have a lot of new things coming in near future. Be sure to keep checking in every few days or so!