PioSOLVER free


A very fast turn and river solver, now including ability to solve one flop (QsJh2h).
Please visit our starting page to download it for free:


PioSOLVER free is perfect to start playing with GTO solutions. Functionality provided by PioSOLVER free was thought to be impossible on home computers not so long ago. Perfect for illustrating GTO concepts on simple river or turn games and getting used to the interface. It  solves 1 or 2 street games (river games or turn-river games) but it allows for multiple bet-sizes, solves them in seconds and is fun to play with. It gives you a glimpse into commercial versions as well by allowing to solve arbitrary trees on one flop.

PioSOLVER free contains most features available in the 1.9.2 commercial release. Those include:

  1. Fully functional range explorer (works for flops as well)
  2. Aggregation plugin for analyzing all the possible rivers
  3. Hotness, node locking, rounding, solving with rake.

Check it out!



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