Contact us

First, read the FAQs and check the list of videos on our site. Check out other resources as well, especially a video FAQ (at the bottom of the list of videos linked above).

1. How to report a bug?

Bugs are natural part of software development process. While you may feel frustrated about finding out that something doesn't work as it is supposed to, the developers are even more anxious about it. Here is how to make a useful bug report:

  • Include the exact description of what is happening and what is supposed to happen. If something crashes explain how. "It crashes, please fix!" will be ignored. "It crashes producing this output at this moment in this way" is useful and will help a lot in bug-fixing process.
  • Include the steps which lead to undesired behavior. The best possible input is a way to reproduce the problem in the shortest possible manner but anything helps here.
  • If you are able to reproduce a crash go to Tools->Configuration->enable logging, repeat what you are doing and attach log.txt file to your report.
  • If an error occurs, include possibly full description of when/how it occurs, screenshots, steps to reproduce, logs are all helpful.

2. How to report problems with your license/activations/purchases etc.:

  • Always include your registration key and optionally a registered email (key is more useful). If you don't include the key in plain text so it's copy-pastable you will be linked to this page in response.
  • In case of activation fails include the error code you are getting (preferably with a screenshot)
  • All other information like "it worked yesterday but it doesn't work today after I upgraded my Windows to 10" is useful.

3. How to make a feature request:

The reality of software development is that there are way more possible cool features than there is time to implement them. It means that being considerate with feature requests is very important. Specifically:

  • Don't ask for minor usability improvements (like saving a mouse-click or a keystroke).
  • Avoid asking for features to produce results which can be obtained in other way even if this way is less convenient.
  • When you think about a cool feature always wait at least 24 hours before making a feature request. If that still seems like a good idea after that period - feel free to send an email.
  • If you made it to this point: make sure to describe the feature you want in some detail and explain what sensible use case it could solve.

4. How to contact us if you want to do business with us (which includes all the group discounts, advertising, promotion, hiring us to program custom solutions for you etc.):

  • Use some common sense, introduce yourself, tell us what you are about.
  • Don't offer us affiliate deals - we don't do them. We might do promotion/re-selling deals though.

Being vague is ok but include enough info to make us want to contact you.

5. How to contact me on Skype:

  • In general - don't.
  • If you get contact info from me or anyone else always leave the message describing your issue so I can reply when I log in. "My sn is xxx, contact me when you have time" will be ignored.
  • If you ask about general computer help you will be instantly blocked.
  • If you ask about something described in FAQ - you will be ignored.
  • If you ask a support question which is more suitable for our 2p2 thread or our Skype group or email - you will be ignored as well.
  • The only kind of questions which are acceptable unless we explicitly agreed to talk on Skype before are: 1)payments issues 2)problems with your license 3)programming questions made by programmers interested in working with UPI interface.

The reason for this policy is that it's not sustainable for me to answer pms on Skype anymore as I get tens of them every time I log in. Please move your questions to different channels.

 6. Best places to ask for help:

  • twoplustwo support thread for most problems which other people could benefit from seeing answered.
  • Our Skype group for quick help/problems/suggestions.
  • with questions which are not suitable for asking publicly (mainly license and transaction issues).
  • for business and other inquiries.