Terms & conditions


  • PioSOLVER is a standalone program which doesn't require internet connection to run although it makes periodic (every 2 weeks) connections to check with the license server.
  • By "license" we mean terms and condition for using the software (or "end user license agreement")
  • PioSOLVER license is a personal license which gives you lifetime rights to use the software, participate in community we create and having necessary support provided to you.
  • You get access to bugfixes and feature updates as long as they are developed for purchased version of PioSOLVER.
  • If there is another version (2.0/3.0 etc.) there will be discount for buyers of previous version.
  • Full buyer's agreement is HERE.
  • Privacy policy: HERE


  • Common sense: you can share results/saves/observations; you can use it to produce coaching materials, books, videos etc. you can't turn into on-demand service where specific PioSOLVER results would be available without actually purchasing PioSOLVER program.
  • You can not distribute PioSOLVER or PioViewer binaries.
  • You can integrate PioSOLVER with your software as long as using this functionality requires licensed PioSOLVER. If you wish to integrate PioSOLVER free version in your software then you only need to give information about the fact (link to our website would be nice as well)
  • The license is for a person. Depending on the product you can activate on different number of computers you personally own and use.
  • While we hope this product is going to be useful and we invested a lot of time and effort trying to make it so, there is no warranty of any kind.

We reserve right to interpret those terms and terminate your license if the terms are not upheld. If you have any questions, ask us: piosolver@piosolver.com

Notes on Piracy:

There is nothing we can do against people cracking our software. Here is some useful information to make a decision about supporting such a venture easier:

  • Every copy of PioSOLVER is unique, digitally signed and easily trackable to original buyer 
  • Attempts to tamper with the binary will result in the following:
  1. Tampered PioSOLVER will produce non-sense results in subtle ways (not immediately obvious to tampered binary user)
  2. It will still be easily trackable to original license owner

That means that binaries you get from anywhere else but us are likely to produce nonsense (and do w/e harm person who tampered with them injected). It also means that distributing the binaries will result in termination of your license.