Pio Starting Page

1. New users:

To start using PioSOLVER please download the installer/updater from here:

The best place to start is the Quick Start Guide:

You can download the free version using the installer as well. It's possible to follow the quick start guide as the free version solves Qs Jh 2h board.

2.Getting Help

The preferred place to ask Pio related question is our support thread on 2p2 forums:

There is also very active and popular Discord server:

While we don't monitor it too closely it's a good place to get quick help and exchange experiences with other Pio users.

Please check FAQ here:

As well as some more information/videos, here:


Please check out blog for news and announcements as well. Sadly we can't link to the our popular Discord server from here due to major email providers flagging those as spam. You can find it on our Blog.

License issues

If you need to recover your key or reset it please follow the instructions here:

4.Information about new releases/bugfixes:

We announce new releases and bugfixes on our Discord server (#announcements). Major releases are announced on our development blog:

as well as the 2p2 thread.

5.Contact via email

If you have problems with your payment, license or other issue not suitable for public discussion please email us at support@piosolver.com
Please only use email in cases mentioned. You will get an automatic generic reply directing you to 2p2 forums otherwise.