Privacy Policy

What information we collect and how we collect it:

  • Information you provide when making a purchase
  • We only collect information provided to us by secure payment processors we use (PayPal and BrainTree). That means we get information associated with your credit card if you use it (but not the full card number itself) or your PayPal account. This usually means: your name, address, country of residence etc.

How we use the information:

  • For the purpose of complying with tax/legal requirements and regulation in our country (Polish and EU regulations).
  • We use your email address to send you information relevant to your purchase (information about upgrades, bugfixes, new versions etc.). We limit the communication to minimum.
  • The software you buy doesn't collect any information other than IP address used for and the date of activating the license.

What do we do to protect your information:

  • Only one person has access to your data. It's stored on one secure computer. Only the bare required minimum is stored and forwarded to our accountant and tax authorities (notice that EU regulations require us to store your address for VAT purposes; all the required VAT is paid by us according to Polish/EU law)

What you can do to correct/delete your information:

  • You can contact us if you would like to change/delete relevant information. As we only get what outside payment processors provide to us, it's more productive to contact them though. We are happy to facilitate your request as long as local laws allows to.