Product comparison

This is a small summary of differences between PioSOLVER versions:

  1. PioSOLVER free is a turn and river solver. It's completely free, a bit slower than a pro version (it doesn't really matter for turn and river spots). It solves turns and rivers with arbitrary amount of bet sizes at every spot (up to 10). Range Explorer as well as aggregation tools are included.
  2. PioSOLVER basic is fully functional post-flop solver. It uses maximum of 6 threads and solves trees of unlimited size. It gives you one activation and very decent performance. It's perfect for occasional hand analysis as well as researching optimal play. The limitations shouldn't be noticeable for a semi-frequent user.
  3. PioSOLVER pro is our flagship product. It uses up to 16 threads (logical CPUs) . It can make use of hexa cores or more powerful hardware. It is fully scriptable (feature not available in basic version) which makes it perfect tool for advanced and serious users. It gives you right to two activations. Most new features are likely to make into this version with some also being available for basic users.
  4. PioSOLVER edge is a product for high stakes players who just want a bit more for their analysis. Experimental features from development version will make it here before they are available in pro version. Some on-demand features are possible as well (contact us). Edge license gives you insight into our plans, planned features and experimental functionality. We will make custom compile for your hardware. Contact us before you buy this version to make sure the offer is sutiable for you.