Text interface & scripting

PioSOLVER implements UPI (Universal Poker Interface) - a text communication protocol which makes it easy to write your own scripts, integrate PioSOLVER with other tools or use the solver from the console.

Common use case for the scripts is automation of the tasks. It's possible to schedule calculations and let them run when you are not present at your computer. This feature is very popular among our users. To run a script either run PioSOLVER from command line and type: load_script filename or just run PioSOLVER with command line argument (the file name of the script).

The best way to start using scripts is to use "generate script" button in PioViewer. The examples below are for those who want to try writing the scripts themselves and executing them from command line as well as programmers who would like to write tools to interact with PioSOLVER.

Please see the full solver documentation and some examples here: https://piofiles.com/docs/upi_documentation/